Offerings in Witchcraft

Hey There Witches,

This article is all about offerings! I was pretty confused on this topic when I first started off. I feel like this is in part to starting my path learning from YouTube (I’m 28, so it was really just taking off when I started). Once I understood them I have incorporated them in my practice ever since. Also, I am not Wiccan. This article speaks to my personal path of Witchcraft. I just hope it helps other witches out there!

Offerings are a way to give thanks to whatever deity or being you are working with. Dating back to ancient times, offerings have been a huge part of religious and spiritual paths all over the world. I won’t be getting into the history of offerings in this post, and solely focusing on modern practices. There is a lot of great information and I highly recommend learning about the history of this important ritual. They were/are also used to appease unrestful spirits. Unfortunately, I cannot speak much on the latter. 

Many view Witchcraft as a way to form a relationship with these beings. Being a witch, our gods and spirits help fuel our craft. If you are always asking and taking and never saying thank you, your craft and relationship with these spirits could be hurt or even end depending. 

Today, offerings can range from simple incense to plates of food. Depending on your path/culture/age, I have also seen used: Florida water, cigars, tequila or some form of alcohol, chocolate, catnip if you have cats, and much more. 

I personally use a few different forms of these, small incense sticks daily and a special mix I make that includes: cornmeal, a smash pinch of plant fertilizer, egg shell and then whatever correlating herbs for certain properties. I create this to give back to Gaia. The ideas really are endless. If you still are not sure, you can try sitting in meditation and asking your Gods or the spirit what they would like and see what comes to you, try different ones until you find one that ‘feels’ right, or use a pendulum to channel and ask what they may like to receive. 

One last tip: Keep in mind our earth. If giving food, make sure that it will not harm wildlife if you leave it outside and don’t leave plastic or non-biodegradable items in the wild. 

Now that you have an idea what offerings are, their importance and what you can give let’s go into when to give these offerings. 

A very popular time is during your daily prayer or meditation. Lighting an incense for them with a candle takes only 5 minutes and can help  strengthen your relationship. 

Another time is during new or full moon rituals, after spell work, or after a very moving meditation. These can be just as effective, and depends on your path! I will leave offerings whenever I feel called to do so. 

I hope this helped all of my witches out there who may be looking into what offerings are or even if you were just curious and looking for a way to help deepen your path. 

Blessed Be!

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