Witchy Rambles Episode 3: My Absence

Hello my lovely witches! It has been quite some time since my last post and I am so sorry for that. It has also been quite some time since I have done a WR episode, and hoping that this could jog my inspiration to write again!

I want to start off with thank you to everyone who has liked and read my articles up to this point. I truly appreciate every single one of you! When I logged into my account after some time to see the likes, views and shares I really was inspired to give this a shot again. I want nothing more than to connect with fellow witches and help other witches feel like they are not alone!

My path has exploded, and I feel my connection with my goddesses growing. To find this, sticking to a daily devotional was key. But to find the right key, I needed to keep trying different things and taking things out of my routine. I was trying to use the same layout of devotional that I have been using for the past 12 years, and my soul just knew that I had outgrown it. When I finally opened my eyes to change and changed up my wording, what I gave as an offering and adding in yoga (sun salutation A) I found a connection that was unbelievable! I can’t say those things will help everyone, but I hope it does.

Another area of my life that I have very recently discovered are enneagrams and my life path number. If you are feeling lost or stuck, discovering these areas of my life has helped me understand how I feel and why I view the world the way that I do. I don’t feel I know enough about these topics to dive into detail as I do not want to spread wrong information, but I would love to make some blog posts about them once I learn more. My life path number is 9 (you find this by addition, if you Google ‘life path number calculator’ you can find yours), and my enneagram is a 4w5 (You find this by taking a test, I took it 3 times on 3 different websites just to make sure I knew for sure. The real test does cost money but I may be taking it soon myself!). Being able to really understand these areas of myself has helped a lot with my anxiety and depression that I have also been fighting the past couple of nights. Feelings that I have had my entire life that I had explained to no one I was reading before my very eyes. I have decided to read about my life path number first and am reading ‘The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose’ by Dan Millman. I learned of this book from the Alchemy of Affluence on Spotify (Not sponsored by any of these people or companies). I would listen to that episode, episode 104, before investing in the book. Plus the podcast itself is truly one of my favorites!

Thanks everyone for reading my blog, I can’t wait to start connecting with you all again. Blessed Be!

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