8 Magical Properties to Keep in Your Witch Cabinet

Beginner Herbs for Herbal Magic

Hello witches! Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite forms of magic: herbal magic! Herbal magic has been the core of my witchcraft since the very beginning. Looking back, my biggest struggle was not in the gathering or collecting of herbs. You can really find them all over the place: from herb and spice sections in  grocery stores, to metaphysical and new age stores, to online shopping, to your very own neighborhood and backyard. 

My biggest issue was knowing just what herbs I should get for my collection and why, and I had a hard time getting a selection of herbs that didn’t all have commonalities in their properties. When I say properties, I mean what the herb is used for: protection, love, prosperity, ect. I would end up picking up herbs and spices like rosemary, lavender, and rose. All herbs I love, but all have extremely similar properties. When you do not have a lot of space or money to spend on herbs or do not have a space to grow a garden, it may be a good idea to make sure to get a variety that have different uses from each other instead of just buying herbs that may smell nice or are more visually pleasing. So here is my list of the different properties you may be searching, and my favorite herb/spice/resin that correlates with it! I hope that even if the herb itself is not one that you would use, that you become inspired to expand that witchy cabinet of yours! 

Please note that I talk about these herbs in purely a magical standpoint. I do not believe herbs should replace medicine and if you are here seeking medical advice please see a physician!

Prosperity: Cinnamon. This is a very versatile spice that you can use in it’s powdered and crushed forms for incense or even use a stick as an incense stick itself if you feel so inclined! I have read some articles with witches using cinnamon sticks as a makeshift wand as well. Easily accessible, you should be able to find this spice in most spice sections in store, and you can get the sticks to crush up if you prefer to stay away from powder (I do, it just tends to get messy). Cinnamon is also used for purification and love. 

Element; Fire Planet; Sun Sign; Aries 

Love: Rose. I personally feel the rose is one of the most iconic symbols of love. It is pretty easy to find dried roses online to purchase, and I can sometimes find them in tea sections and farmers markets! Keep roses you may get as a gift and dry them to keep the petals, which is what I mostly did when I was just starting out in witchcraft. I would also look for discounted roses in stores where they are just perfect to hang out to dry! Love is a tricky property, so be careful what you put out there! If you want to find love, try finding love for yourself first. If you have, try not focusing this on a specific person. You never know what you may attract! Roses are also associated with fidelity and beauty. 

Element; water Planet; Venus Sign; Taurus

Cleansing/Purification: Sage. Sage is ever growing in presence in stores all around the United States (I’m sorry I can’t say for other countries). It can be found in the herbs and spice sections, and is a very common spice in italian foods! I have seen it dried, live and in containers in the cold sections of the veggie area, or even as small live plants along with basil. Used in its dried natural form, in a bundle, or crushed. Now, there has been some recent controversy about the use of sage be it cultural appropriation or over harvestation. I personally do not use the term “smudge” but will feel it helps to relieve the area of negative vibrations or energies. Sage is also used for protection and healing grief. 

Element; air Planet; Jupiter Sign Gemini

Strength/Personal Power: Dragon’s Blood. Dragon’s blood is actually a resin, not an herb or spice. Resins’ are important parts in incense and can be used as an incense all by itself on a charcoal block. I also use it to dress my candles in candle magic. Although you won’t be able to find this resin in most stores like I was trying to keep this list to as that’s really what I’m all about, it is a very popular resin in the witchy world! I have yet to go to a metaphysical/new age store that did not have this item in stock. I also find it readily available on popular online shopping platforms. Dragon’s Blood resin is also used for protection, added power to spellwork, manifestation and intention. 

Element; fire Planet; Mars Sign; Aries

Banishing: Black Pepper. Black pepper has many uses, not just to season your mashed potatoes! Although also used for protection, black pepper has been known to banish away unwanted energies or entities. You can get this spice already crushed for convenience, but I enjoy purchasing this whole so I can add my intent as I crush the pepper myself. Add to sachets, candle magic, you name it! 

Element; Fire Planet; Mars 

Spiritual/Psychic Abilities: Frankincense. Frankincense is yet another resin, like Dragon’s Blood. It is commonly used by the catholic church as incense during prayer, and is swung in a censor. I typically find this herb in metaphysical stores, or you can purchase it from Mountain Rose Herbs. I loved purchasing bulk herbs from here, and it helps to stay in the broom closet if that is necessary for you! I normally burn this on a charcoal disc, you can find those in a lot of new age stores or if you are of age, they can be found in some shops (in the United States). 

Element; Aire or Fire Planet; Sun

Protection: Cloves. Cloves remind me of the holidays and yummy delicious food. It is also a great herb to use for protection! It is great to have on hand because it is readily available at all major grocery stores and like black pepper, you can find it whole or ground. Use it in candle magic, sachets and jar magic, the list is endless. Cloves can also be used for wealth and friendship spells. If you purchase them whole, you can use them to make a coriander as a holiday decoration! It makes your home smell delicious while protecting it as well. 

Element; Fire Planet; Jupiter

Divination: Jasmine. Jasmine, a beautiful flower and a very popular scent in candles and incense. Because of this, I chose Jasmine for divination. Smelling Jasmine incense can help put you in the mindset of connecting to the Divine and being able to properly read in whatever form you chose. Create a divination candle with a jasmine scent and other oils and herbs. You can also find dried jasmine on Mountain Rose Herbs! Jasmine can also be used in a tea (as long as it is okay for you to do so) and put in a sachet to bring about prophetic dreams. 

Element; Water Planet; Moon

I hope this list of different properties and my favorite herbs to keep in your witchy cabinet! This list covers a variety of different types of spells that you may perform in the beginning of your craft. Don’t forget, if you have a question or would like to see an article about a specific topic to visit my contact page and send me a message. Enjoy!

And Blessed Be!

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