Ways to Observe and Work with the New Moon

In this article I will be talking about the New Moon! This is personally my favorite moon phase, and has the potential to produce some powerful magic! I will be editing this article from time to time, to update with any new ways I have found to observe this esbat.

All beliefs below I have pulled from my studies and personal practice over the years! I highly encourage all readers to seek out multiple sources of information.

The new moon is a time to set new intentions and goals. This is the first phase of the moon cycle, and now is a time to set and start intentions. This time allows us to rest and reset, to look ahead and focus on desires. If you set intentions to release old habits with the waning moon, this is a perfect time to set intentions moving forward that are the opposite of what you released. An example is if you were trying to banish smoking from your life, a good intention to set now would be to go on more walks to get fresh air. Something that is going to continue to help you feel healthier!

Cleansing is something that I also love to do at this time, along with it being a great time at the full moon. I like to think that I cleanse to help reset and focus on my intentions moving forward. Always think about what you want to bring into your life as you are setting intentions.

Find a way to remind yourself of your intentions and goals. Keep a list of them at your altar, or keep them in the mirror you use to get ready with every day. For men, keep a list in your wallet! Keep it in the glove compartment in the car. When there is a will there is a way!

For a more witchy way to celebrate the new moon, consider taking a new moon bath or shower. I keep my baths pretty simple, some epsom salt and a tea bag with some lavender, rose petals and sage is my go to. If I feel called to I do enjoy a good milk bath! I also find that this a time I do like to change up my altar just slight touches. I change up my candle placements, maybe empty out the collection of ashes in my cauldron and so on. Just to sort of prep for the months spell work ahead. I like to leave the decoration changes for the sabbats!

This is a great time to do spells focused on bringing things into your home and life. It can be wealth, self-love, courage, anything! Some sort of abundance. Write your goals on a piece of paper, anointing a green candle (I personally use a base oil like jojoba or almond oil and then sprinkle the herbs that I am wanting to use for the spell. Using essential oils and skipping the herbs or using both works too) while thinking about those intentions and goals. Put the list in a safe place where you can see it. Light your green candle, sending those intentions to the Divine. Get as creative as you want!

Do some divination! Tarot readings along with ogham, runes, scrying and other forms of divination would be great tools to help you manifest your goals. What areas will hold you back? What traits will help accelerate you forward. Maybe you don’t even have anything you just want to maintain and continue the good flow of positivity in your home, so a reading on how to do that or just what to expect for the next lunar month may be helpful.

Before I stop this article, I want to let all witches out there know there is no hard and fast rule about when to do spell work. I like to use the moon and the sun in my workings personally, because I feel those energies are helpful. But if I am in need to cultivate some healing during the waning moon, I’m still going to do a healing spell to bring that to me. I just won’t have that extra oomph that I may get when doing them with the phases. Take what you want, leave the rest.

And as always, brightest blessings!

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