Witchy Rambles Episode 2: Tarot and Full Moon Energies

Hello my friends!

It has been a very long time since I have written a witchy rambles post, and I am feeling super charged up from my Full Moon ritual I just performed! As a quick reminder for those who may not have read the first one of these, Witchy Rambles is basically like an online diary of sorts. I just write about what has been going on in my craft and things I may have recently discovered or read. If there is a topic I brush about in here that you would like to see more of please leave a comment or reach out!

This past month I have spent a lot of time with the tarot. I currently am using two different decks: Rider-Waiter and Mystic Mondays tarot. When I am pulling for pictures for Instagram (I pull daily cards for my story, if you want to see!) I feel a call to use the Rider-Waite and when it is a personal pull I seem to always use the Mystic Mondays tarot. I think I’ve seen other witches do this as well, does anyone else out there like to use different decks for different things? I have been debating on going out and getting another oracle deck. I also like to use an oracle deck named “Asked and it is Given”, which I absolutely love. I feel it doesn’t fit in well with some readings I would like to do with oracles, so any recommendations out there I would love to hear!

These full moon energies have really been blowing me away. I feel a total shift in who I in my core. My grandmother passed away a week ago today, so my emotions have been all over the places. Finding out her and I shared so many commonalities after she passed is a comfort but also a little saddening. I had no idea she also had a love for astrology, she was a Pisces which is my moon sign. Her and I also journal, everything. I was going through old daily planners and she wrote the exact way I write in mine and I’ve never seen them. My mom found a bunch of old scarves of hers which ironically I love old vintage scarves. I feel like a bit of her stardust is with me, being a Pantheist. I also believe that some traits seem to skip generations, and I am like her in even more ways that this. I would love to hear some stories if this happened to anyone else. Is there a way you found a way to cope with the sad part of it, or did you feel it was meant to be. To help you find peace with their passing? Sorry to get so dark, like I said it’s a journal in a way! Things just spill out!

I would like to end on a fun note, so who else has been feeling extra witchy out there? My tarot readings for myself have never been so on point, and I think it’s time to step up my game and start reading for others (I came to the tarot game late). I am a little nervous about it, so I need to do a little reading on how to actually read for others. I see so many people do it online for others and doing it in person would be pretty, well, personal . I am excited to grow myself! I haven’t been this witchy I think since I started my craft over 10 years ago. I’ve also recently discovered chaos magick. I am really enjoying breaking things down into building blocks, and have so much more to discover. I even created a playlist on YouTube just about chaos magick so I know what I’m doing before starting anything. I’m a scholar, and love digging my nose in books and watching videos as long as I can before I have to get out there and do things. I know I’m not alone!

I hope you enjoy these rambles! I am trying not to keep these horribly long, just a fun in-between entry while I work out another article for you guys!

Stay witchy and stay safe!

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