5 Ideas for Celebrating Litha with your Non-Practicing Partner

Hey there witches! So for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere this Saturday, June 20th 2020, is the Summer Solstice! This is personally one of my most favorite Sabbats, as I resonate very heavily with the Equinoxs’ and Solstices’. For my new witches out there, the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. However for those in lower hemisphere, they will be celebrating the Winter Solstice! Which, as you may have guessed, is the longest night of the year.

This Sabbat goes by a few names: Summer Solstice, Litha and midsummer. For Wiccans, there are tales that are also associated with this holiday. The one I know the best is the fight between the Holly and the Oak king. I don’t have a specific reference as I just remember reading it in a lot of witchcraft books growing up, and heard it in a lot of different YouTube videos as well. It is said that at the Summer Solstice, the Oak King falls at the hand of the Holly King and the days start to grow shorter. On the Winter Solstice, the Oak King prevails and beats the Holly King and the days start to grow longer again. A continuous cycle, neither good or evil. It is the way nature works. If you are Wiccan, there is also the story of the God and Goddess which follows their love and cycle of birth and death. Many Wiccan books would tell this much better than me, and I will probably make a separate post about this if request going over the Wiccan story of the Wheel of the Year!

So, now that you know a little bit about the history of this holiday I want to talk about some simple things you can do to celebrate. You fill find a lot of articles about how to celebrate with your family, and even solitary activities. I have always had a partner who does not practice witchcraft. My partner now is no exception to this. He is very open and accepting and always wanting to support me! So because of his awesome support, I planned out some activities that we could do together around the time of the solstice or the day of. I hope they help any of you witches out there celebrate with your partners who may not really know where to start. I’ll start pretty simple and work my way up!

1.) Take a Walk in Nature: Something we do already, but why not make a special occasion out of it! Pick a park or trail that you don’t normally go to. We like to go to places that have a lot of PokeStops (we are pretty big gamers), or for me I also like to pick a place like a corner store or even an ice cream place. Not so great for calorie intake I will admit, but it makes have a destination fun and can really turn these into an adventure. Also, why not take time to tell each other what you appreciate about one another?

2.) Eat some Summer Inspire Foods: Go on a picnic or a nice place to eat outside (the point is to be outside celebrating the sun)! I like to pick foods that are the colors of summer like yellow, orange and bright fun colors. Some of my personal favorites are: pineapple, oranges, watermelon, and for the protein if you do eat meat I typically swing towards pork as it typically goes well with Pineapple. Get creative, if hot dogs and burgers remind you way more of summer than foods that are yellow and orange then go for it! The idea is to appreciate each other and really embrace the season of summer. Help each other pick out the menu, get the ingredients and prep. Put intention into your food, whatever that may be for you guys in that moment.

3.) Have a Bonfire: One of the traditions of midsummer is to create fires and jump over then. I would not recommend this, as it could be quite dangerous. However, a bonfire is a great way to really bring in the fire-y energies of summer! I also love a good s’more too (I have a sweet tooth, can’t ya tell?) Sitting next to the fire next to your partner is a great way to get cozy and really help feel you both feel close to each other and the season. If your partner is more on the open side, suggest writing a wish on a piece of paper and throw it into the fire. It doesn’t even have to be a couple wish, just doing this together will help you grow a connection and help you be more open about your craft.

4. Watch the Sunrise/Sunset: This is a great tradition, and either one truly works! I know my partner is not a morning person like I am, so watching the sunset together is our pick. Sitting close with one another just feeling the sun on your skin is a great bonding experience. During this time, if you are up for it, take time to tell your partner why this holiday is so special to you. For me, it come through with Pantheism and how I feel connected to the energies of the universe. No matter what your path is, if you feel connected to this holiday it is important to share why. Even if this takes time or baby steps, that is okay! Move at your pace. Even just taking time to thank them for spending this special moment with you may mean a lot to them!

5.) Teach your Partner about the Fae/Put out an Offering: Taking things up a notch, if you work with the Fae and feel comfortable now is a great time to leave some milk and honey out for them! Midsummer is the time for the Fae of all kinds to be closer to us, along with Beltane. I personally don’t work with the Fae, so I can’t really say too much on this. I still think this is a really cute idea, so I felt I needed to share! I have also seen some super cute Fairy doors painted, as a way to invite the Fae to be around you. Be careful though! Do your research before inviting the Fae near you, as these little spirits can be quite feisty!

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