Witchy Rambles Ep. 1: Working out the Kinks

Hello Witches!
It has been quite some time since I’ve blogged, and to be completely honest: I had no idea what to write next. I have had the worst writers block from the moment I set up this blog to even now. So I figured what better way to help break the ice and get these creative wheels turning than to just work it out! I came up with a segment (for lack of a better word) called Witchy Rambles and I hope you enjoy!
So what is Witchy Rambles? Well kinda what it sounds like. It is an entry based off of what spiritual and witchy things I’ve been doing lately. I feel it would be a way for everyone to get to know me, my style of witchcraft and also just help me get writing. The more a person write, the easier it becomes….I hope! Be warned, it is called rambles for a reason! 

The past week I just have not felt motivated at all to be witchy. Dealing with a chronic illness that suddenly appeared the past week I’ve been so drained of energy that I didn’t do anything. No card pulls, no witchy YouTube videos, no meditation or prayer even. Just laid around and rested, which is exactly what I needed. There is absolutely no reason, by the way, to feel bad or ashamed for taking time away from your Craft. I still have a wonderful relationship with Spirit and I feel Spirit (or whatever you may call the Divine) knew I needed to take that break. Being a pantheist, I believe we are all connected. We are all connected to the Divine, to this life force that is throughout the universe. Because of this connection, I had no doubt that the Divine energies were connected to me and could feel my pain. I didn’t have that need to get out of bed and do yoga and just do for hours. I rested. And now I feel I am on the mend and here we are!
One of my favorite YouTubers is named BehatiLife. I wanted her video last night (4/5) for Capricorn the month of April (where all my Capricorn sun signs at?!) and the video just felt so right. She talks about Capricorn feeling all this energy and how are are just ready to push it out there and create and go but we need to wait. Wait for others to catch up to us. Who are the others? For me, I felt that the ‘other’ thing I need to wait for is myself. Give myself a chance to heal, a chance to grow. Being a Capricorn, I am a go getter. I love business, I love creating projects and diversifying my talent set to help get me as far as I can possibly go. It does come with a lot of stress, and because of my Pisces moon sign I can be pretty emotional. So I took it as a chance to work out my kinks. Take a step back, keep on harnessing this creative energy that I feel inside but let it grow. Let it grow so I can grow. Let this blog grow, my Insta, but also my own experiences. 
Today I pulled the Fool card and the Seven of Cups reversed and WOW could it not have lined up for me and how I felt after watching her video. I had never been huge into tarot before. I was always more of collector of cards, but never really got the hang of them. But I truly believe I finally found the deck that will shoot me into tarot. It may seem really weird to say, but my new deck that I got for my birthday meant so much to me. It has a beautiful memory around it, and these cards have yet to steer me down the wrong path. The deck is the Mystic Mondays tarot. It wasn’t what I normally went for either! I always avoided decks with minimum art, or decks that featured a lot of humans. I always wanted the decks with intricate artwork and had animals or mythical creatures. But after using this deck, I realize to learn that those decks were not the way to go. Mystic Monday tarot is absolutely beautiful, very minimum artwork but explosive in color and a LOT easier to try and decipher what the cards mean to me before I look them up and see if it matches. So for those of us who struggle in the art of divination, please do not give up!! You will get it one day! 
I suppose I can ramble about one last thing which I may even make a separate post about: learning to do witchcraft on a budge. With us all being on lockdown and money being scarce, I’ve started to wonder how I can save my money and still expand my Craft. So far, I’ve cleaned out a few old candle jars (simple, just boil water and pour it in the jar! Let it sit, you will see the wax start to melt and float to the top. Wait until the water cools and the wax solidifies and pull it out. I did have to do this multiple times but I was in no rush to do get it done. It is the cleanest way I found to clean my jars), and I saved the coffee from the K cups after use. I also had my boyfriend start saving the egg shells from meals and I was able to dry them and now can also use that in my spell craft. I want to say, I have found a TON of awesome deals at Meijer clearance area. I don’t go out just to see that, but while out picking up essentials I was also able to grab a brand new mortar and pestle for only $4! It was also a lot bigger than the one I already had! Bonus! I also found some small dipping bowls on clearance for $2 that now hold the coffee that I am drying out before putting in an old candle jar. Its so simple to find new things to add to your craft when you have to get a little creative. Now inspired to do cheap/dollar store witch ideas? I’ll write it down!

I shall end this here before I ramble too long! I hope my post will inspire you all to get out there, get creative but also know when it is time to rest. 

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