Tips on Practicing the Craft During Quarantine

Hello Witches!
It appears I am on a once a month streak for making blog posts! At least it is consistency on some level? Well, with Beltane just passing I have had inspiration to blog again! I actually created another website as well that will be focusing on mindfulness and general wellness. I am grateful to be creating content again, and during these crazy times we all need something to keep us creative and keep us thinking!
I decided that a great post to jump back into blogging would be to write about what has helped me practice during this time! I did hit a slump for about 2 weeks about mid to end of April. Thankfully with my anniversary (2 years!) and Beltane just passing I am using the renewed energy to get my practice going again and I wanted to share so hopefully someone else who is going through a ‘slump’ can jump back in.
Let me start with this really quick, it is okay to be in a slump! Not sure if you noticed, but 2020 has not been kind to us. People across the globe are dying of a virus, Australia was on fire, and gas prices are currently so cheap the oil producers were paying people to take it off their hands. That’s just the tip of the ice burg my friends! So, if you are depressed and upset and find it hard to go forward. I know that feeling, and that is okay. I’m still struggling, but I’m also using every tool in my arsenal to get through this and I’m going to share some of those with you!
YOGA/MOVING: Yoga has been the main tool for me to connect with myself and just be in the moment. It is really easy right now to get caught up in social media and seeing all these awful things on the news. Take some time, even just 10 minutes a day to find a youtube video and follow along. I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene! She has a great energy to her that I love, and very beginner friendly. If yoga is not your thing, just go for a walk. It’s been said for awhile now but I cannot stress it enough. An object at rest stays at rest. You wont find the motivation to practice your craft if you are not up and moving! Getting fresh air and vitamin D from the sun will also significantly improve your mood, even just sitting on your porch for a couple minutes does wonders (it does for me). 
LIGHTING CANDLES: I say lighting candles, because I know there are living situations that you cannot burn candles and I feel the fake but scented (or non if you prefer) candles you can power up do just fine. The point is just to have that light and for me the scent too. Having that little light for me adds a bit of energy in the room, as fire is energy right? The smell for me also helps bring about, well its based on whatever scent you chose! I love vanilla/cashmere/lavender type scents! But getting ones like linen or cotton add a freshness to the room that lifts moods. The light helps lift those negative or heavy energies that may be around you. 
BEING IN NATURE: This is very clique, I know. But it’s true. And I know that there are people out there who can’t really get to forests and stuff, because I’m one of them. I live in a city, the nature are the patches of yards in the neighborhoods. But I still find nature. I take a lot of pictures, to remind me of that nature when I’m cooped up inside the house. Looking at pictures of your own neighborhood is a bit different of a reminder. I also spend most of my time in a basement, so getting outside is really important for me and my body because it needs to feel that sunlight to help stay on the right sleep patterns. Just feeling the wind on my face and see it billowing in the grass is calming and helps center me and remind me of my connection to the divine and my craft. 
KEEP IT SIMPLE: Right now, keep it simple and go back to your basics. Pick 13 (or whatever number) blades of grass and put your intention into them waiting for a big gust of wind then let them go and let nature put your intention out there. Find a leaf, draw or write something you want to get rid of and burn it (safely!). The dollar store is an amazing place. Metal doggie bowls can even be used as mixing bowls! For a dollar! They have candles, herbs, spices…sounds like most of my spell ingredients. Just get back to your basics. Or if you are like me, I’ve pretty much spent my whole witchy life in the dollar store. They really do have some great stuff!
RECONNECT WITH YOURSELF: Right now, we are either stuck all by ourselves or stuck in a house with other people with not much alone time. Some families and individuals are working, a lot are not. But we are each going through something. YOU are going through something life changing, and you may need to reconnect with yourself. Take time to get to know you again and your path. Maybe try a new area of the craft you haven’t tried or you tried and it didn’t go so well. I did this with Tarot! I always felt I failed at it, but I bought a brand new deck in January and lately I’m really drawn to it and I feel a lot more comfortable with it than I ever have. Now is the time to read those chapters in the beginners books that didn’t interest you. Maybe your all about crystals and don’t want to deal with growing plants? Try getting a succulent or a cactus that doesn’t take much work. It’s a way to see how your energies fit into your interests and maybe you may be more open to something you weren’t open to before!

I hope these tips help anyone out there who may read this! Stay safe and stay witchy my friends!

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