Finding Simplicity in my Craft

Hello beautiful souls! I hope you are all well in quarantine, I know it’s an incredibly hard time for everyone. Today’s post I wanted to write about the simplicity I have found in my craft. I had touched briefly on this in my last post about practicing your craft during quarantine and was very inspired by that part in my post, as it has been a huge part in my craft currently. So in this post I am going to break down how I keep my craft super simple (and super cheap!). This does have a bit of context to it! Because sometimes creating a ‘simple’ craft is sometimes more complicated than what it appears! So here is my story to how I got to this point. 
I want to state that there was a point in my craft where I felt I had to buy EVERYTHING! It was about a half year to a year or so into my craft. I had built up a pretty extensive collection of many metaphysical items after that, but I won’t lie…they got tiring. I moved a lot so packing everything up all the time and moving became a hassle. I also have 4 younger siblings and there was never a point where I didn’t own some sort of animal. My things were constantly being touched, moved around, or I felt I had to cleanse them all the time because of all the energies that were being brought into the house. Not only that but when I went into a lull in my craft and I just simply didn’t want to practice, staring at all these VERY expensive items made me feel guilty. 
So, I would like to say about 3 or so years ago I did something crazy. I donated basically all my witchy things. I was also hanging on to herbs that were super old and never used (I bought them because I saw sooo many other witches on the internet that I way overbought), and spread them around in nature, I made sure nothing was toxic before doing so. I had just gone through a lot and my path had changed a lot since I was a baby witch at 15 (I would have been about 23-24 when I purged everything, 27 now). Decks of cards, candles, books, jars, tools, everything. I held onto a lot of books and my candles, and just eventually burned them for comfort over the years. A couple other things but basically I had nothing except my books and candles. And I LOVED it! I felt free from all my things that cluttered my room, and I did have a lot of extra space (my mother also loved house less cluttered my room was as well). 
Until I didn’t. I hadn’t really prepped myself for not having. I was so used to having an arsenal of tools and things for recipes that I had no idea what to do now I had (or what I felt was) nothing. I let my craft fall by the wayside without the constant visual reminds that once cluttered my room. I also moved some more, which didn’t help. I struggled until this year, and quarantine has helped pushed this aspect of my craft even farther. It’s truly hard, until it isn’t. Let’s dive into how I keep my craft simple, and I hope you can implement these into your craft too if you so desire! 
Let’s start this with saying that the dollar store will become your best friend. Not Dollar General, although I’m sure there are plenty of amazing finds there too.
The first place I go to is the candle section. They have tapers, 7 day candles, jar candles, votives, and my next one to look for which I’m sure they will have are birthday candles (for quick spells). Everything you could need. Around the same section (at least the ones near me) also have oils, although only scented, incense and candle holders! Candle magic is my absolute favorite magic, the dollar store has just what I need to make that happen. 
Another spot I love to hit up is the herb and spice section. There is some debate on getting herbs this way is okay or not as they are overly heated and processed. These herbs are also contained in plastic containers which contain BPA. When looking for herbs, since they are not being used for consumption I do overlook the plastic. I also make sure I have enough glass jars to transfer these in before putting the containers in the recycle bin. This also keeps me from over purchasing and letting these herbs just sit there longer. 
Here are some other great ideas for visiting the dollar store. I love looking at the mason jars they have, but honestly try not the purchase them. I keep my craft as simple as possible which means I just reuse the candle jars that I get since I am an absolute candle-a-holic. I burn them no matter during everything I do, so I have. lots of old jars. But if you not like that, they have a ton! They have lots of colorful paper, pens and markers for petitions, and even small figures that can be placed on the altar and for representation of different aspects of your spirituality. 
The next source of inspiration for your simple craft is the nature that is around you. I’m not talking about taking a special trip to the beach or dunes or something that is far away or requires some sort of transport besides your own 2 feet to get there. When I take a walk I look around for things to use in my spell craft I look for rocks that I have a connect with (Special note: I have made a decision to stop purchasing crystals unless found at good will. I was really inspired by Scott Cunningham and his talk of stone magic. It made me realize that there is no need for crystals, just the stones that I can find all around me). I even look for things like pieces of red brick (in hoodoo, it is used for protection), different flowers and such to collect. I leave offerings when I take from the earth and this can be whatever feels called to you. I use cornmeal mixed with the eggshells I save from breakfast but I’ve seen a lot. Some people leave daily offerings on their altar or others leave them as they need. That is completely up to you, just don’t stress about it. Spirit appreciates the effort!
The last place, and I already touched on it, is the hearth. The home. As I already said, saving things like your eggshells can be a big help in your craft. Try having some plants around the home, even if they are succulents or cacti if you don’t have a green thumb. I have even read where plants are used in spells for prosperity, which I’m very excited to try myself! Infuse stones you find with certain properties and draw symbols on them and place them where you need them to draw that energy to you. Create a sacred space to go to to honor your path with the things from nature. Speaking of home, look in the home goods section of shops for great fireproof vessels! Keep baby food jars if you have babies for spell jars or to hold things in. The possibilities are endless.
One last piece I want to leave you all with, keep it creative. Before I started to see this path in this light, almost in a minimalism way, I didn’t think I could be creative. But I express this differently now, and I want you to understand that creativity comes in many different forms. Some would also call it ingenuity, so whatever you want to call it! Don’t overlook the things that just seem too simple to work because that it what you want. Speaking of minimalism, although I am a minimalist in any way it has led me to live a more mindful lifestyle. This has really helped me see just how simple witchcraft can be. I think back to my spiritual ancestors, and how they practiced. If anything, used these witches as inspiration moving forward! 

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